Meet Prae

Set in rural Thailand, nine-year-old Prae doesn’t like to sleep by herself; claiming the ghost under her bed keeps her awake. To help her daughter realize that she has nothing to fear, Nim tells Prae a story from her childhood. In reliving the story, Nim realizes a startling truth that has been right under her nose all along.


“Prae, you’re a big girl now. You should be able to sleep by yourself, don’t you think?” – Nim

Pannaree Chaipaew plays Prae in “Ta”. Her mother Idsaree Chaipaew also composed the “Ta” theme song and recorded it in the studio with traditional Thai fiddles (Saw U and Saw Duang). Saw (Thai fiddle) is Pannaree’s nickname.

Pannaree Chaipaew as Prae.

Pannaree Chaipaew (Saw) as Prae.

A strong mind has nothing to fear…

"Nim, you have nothing to fear.  It is all in the mind."

“Nim, you have nothing to fear. It is all in the mind.” – Ta

The character Nim, played by Namtan Chalaruk, is actually based on my Aunt Tik. In 1971, Aunt Tik followed her father to a neighbor’s house to watch him perform an exorcism of the neighbor’s daughter. On their way home, after the exorcism, he told her to never be afraid — “…if your mind is strong, no ghosts can harm you.”

Ta, Official Selections

We are pleased to announce that “Ta” will screen at Chain NYC Film Festival on August 10th and 16th.  Then we will be headed even further north to Montreal World Film Festival which is taking place from August 22 – September 2.



For more information click here: Ta at Chain NYC and Festival des Films du Monde  

Ta’s World Premiere

June 21st, 2013

My short film “Ta” screened at Filmstock Film Festival in Denver Colorado among other 26 great short films and took home Best Cinematography and Best Original Score Awards!!

“Ta” will also screen at Filmstock Utah, Filmstock Arizona, and Filmstock New Mexico.  Stay tuned for more details.

Bim on stage receiving award

Bim receiving Best Cinematography Award from James A Lee and Andrew Nease. Photo by Mia Angeles.

It was such an exciting time for me since it was my first film festival ever.  I got to meet talented filmmakers and wonderful audience.  James A. Lee, Bobby Shook, Andrew Nease, and the rest of the Filmstock team made me and Dan feel at home.  The fellow filmmakers, especially Kramer Herzog and David Towles-Moore, were so friendly and inspiring.

Dan and Bim on the red carpet with Kramer Herzog, producer/director of Eye of the Storm and David Towles-Moore, director/animator of SuperFuzz. Photo by Mia Angeles

Bim and Vivian Lie after the screening. Photo by Mia Angeles.


I went in with no expectations.  I didn’t hope for any awards, just wanted to soak up the whole experience and watch my film on the big screen along with a real audience.   So when we found out we won the 2 awards, it was a very awesome surprise.


Congratulations to Director of Photography Natarich Sawaschaipan on the Best Cinematography Award and Tum Poonyayant, Idsaree Chaipaew, and Omar Abilmona on their Best Original Score Award!  Go team!

Thank you Filmstock!  See you soon!


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