Meet Prae

Set in rural Thailand, nine-year-old Prae doesn’t like to sleep by herself; claiming the ghost under her bed keeps her awake. To help her daughter realize that she has nothing to fear, Nim tells Prae a story from her childhood. In reliving the story, Nim realizes a startling truth that has been right under her nose all along.


“Prae, you’re a big girl now. You should be able to sleep by yourself, don’t you think?” – Nim

Pannaree Chaipaew plays Prae in “Ta”. Her mother Idsaree Chaipaew also composed the “Ta” theme song and recorded it in the studio with traditional Thai fiddles (Saw U and Saw Duang). Saw (Thai fiddle) is Pannaree’s nickname.

Pannaree Chaipaew as Prae.

Pannaree Chaipaew (Saw) as Prae.

“Ta” Press Kit

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